Dragon Koi

The very colorful dragon koi tattoo is one of the most iconic symbols in traditional Asian culture. They are distinct and recognizable and their symbolism carries a great deal of meaning for those who understand traditional Asian Symbolism.


The Koi fish is a variety of colorful carp fish found most commonly in East Asia. The fish is called Nishikigoi in Japenese which means “brocaded carp.”  They come in different vibrant colors and are a common sight in ponds and Japanese water gardens. Although are believed to have gotten their name first in 500 B.C, the fossil record for the existence of the koi fish dates back to as far as 20 million years ago.


More than the beauty and rich historical accounts of this fish, it is also the stuff of legends, which makes it even more iconic. The legend of the dragon koi fish is a very popular one in Asia. The legend which originates in China tells of a school of koi fish that were trying to swim upstream to reach a waterfall at the end of the river. As the fish battled against the current, the demons jeered their efforts and even made their journey more perilous by making the waterfall larger.


The fish began to grow wary with time and many of them slowly turned back. The others that persevered swam on for more than a hundred years and in the end, only one of them was left. According to legends, when this koi fish reached the top, the gods rewarded its bravery and perseverance by transforming it into a golden dragon, and with that, this dragon koi fish became a symbol of determination and perseverance.


The Dragon Fish tattoo can be drawn in various ways. But the meaning behind it usually remains the same no matter how it’s drawn with just some slight variations. The Japanese Dragon Koi is largely a symbol of perseverance. Wearing this tattoo usually means you have persevered and you have overcome (or currently trying to overcome and choosing to fight without giving up) a big obstacle in your life


The tattoo can also be used to symbolize determination, goal setting, and an intention to stick to your guns till you achieve your goals. The colors and placement of this tattoo may vary from one person to another. It is common for people to have it drawn on their chest area or back. But it may also be drawn on the arm and other parts of the body.

Although blue or green are the common colors, there are other variations as well with different meanings and implications. This tattoo can also be drawn in different styles such as the traditional dragon, ying-yang, or lotus style each with its unique meaning.


Because of the rich symbolism of the dragon koi, this tattoo appeals to such a wide population of people. if you are currently going through a serious challenge and you need the motivation to go on you can get this tattoo drawn for you. You can also get it as a pat on your back for your bravery and perseverance in the face of a challenge you have just overcome.


Of course, being such a powerful symbol, you will get the best results if this tattoo is drawn by a professional tattoo artist that understands the deeply personal and cultural significance of the Dragon Koi tattoo. The best Japanese tattoo artists in Perth at Primitive Tattoo studio have the experience and skills required to create the perfect koi tattoo with a message that is perfect for you. Visit our tattoo parlor in Perth to learn about getting a Dragon Tattoo from Marc Pinto and other seasoned tattoo artists.

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