April 2021

If you have ever entered a Japanese or Chinese restaurant or gift shop at some point, you have probably spotted a Maneki Neko statue at some point. This is a popular Asian mythological creature commonly referred to in the west as the lucky cat.   The Maneki Neko is a popular choice for those looking […]

There are a few tattoos that have as much significant history as they are a fashion trend as the phoenix tattoo. The Phoenix tattoo is one that is immensely attractive mainly due to the gorgeous and majestic depiction of the phoenix not just in ancient folklore but also in movies, books, and modern arts. The […]

More than just intricate inkwork done on the body, many tattoos are symbols with deep historical beliefs and myths linked to their meaning and significance. One of such tattoos whose meaning is deeply entrenched in ancient Japanese culture is the Oni tattoo.   The Oni mask tattoo is a depiction of a classic Japanese demon […]

The Foo Dog otherwise called the Shi Shi or Fu Dog is an ancient mythical creature pictured with a signature curly mane and a menacing curl. Interestingly, while the name would suggest that this creature is a dog, you’ll be shocked to know that it is a lion. This is why the Foo Dog is […]

In recent times, tattoos have become more of a fashion trend drawn mostly for their beauty and sometimes to make a statement. However, this hasn’t always been the case. In ancient Japanese culture, tattoos were not just mere fashion designs. The drawings and depictions had ancient mythical history and were symbols with different representations.

If you like artistic tattoos with deep cultural meaning and mythological significance, the Fudo Myoo is one of the top choices to consider. The Fudo Myoo figure is one of the most well-known and very powerful mystical figures in Asian tattoo culture. It also has roots in Buddhism and is well recognized as a Japanese […]

One of the very interesting but lesser-known Asian mythological characters is the Kirin. This mythological creature and its numerous depictions have been around for years in ancient folklore and is often associated with various Asian culture from Japan, to China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and even Korea.   The Kirin is commonly referred to as the Japan

The very colorful dragon koi tattoo is one of the most iconic symbols in traditional Asian culture. They are distinct and recognizable and their symbolism carries a great deal of meaning for those who understand traditional Asian Symbolism.   The Koi fish is a variety of colorful carp fish found most commonly in East Asia. […]