If you like artistic tattoos with deep cultural meaning and mythological significance, the Fudo Myoo is one of the top choices to consider. The Fudo Myoo figure is one of the most well-known and very powerful mystical figures in Asian tattoo culture. It also has roots in Buddhism and is well recognized as a Japanese tattoo.


The origin of the Fudo Myoo can be traced back to Hindi culture. It was considered a Hindi deity but the figure was also adopted into Japanese Buddhism culture. The Fudo Myoo belongs to a broader class of protective deities called Myoo. These wrathful deities with a war-like appearance serve the purpose of encouraging people on their path in the Buddhist way of life. The name Myoo is translated in Sanskirt as Acala (or Akala) which means unmoveable. Hence, the myoo deities are often referred to as the Immovable ones. The name is translated in English to mean Wisdom Kings.


The Fudo-myoo is one of the most prominent of these figures and it is commonly regarded as the ultimate protector. Like the other Myoo deities, the Fudo-Myoo has a fiery appearance. It is typically depicted with a threatening face and a menacing posture with wrinkled brows and squinted eyes. In almost every depiction, the teeth are bared and the left side of his head has braided hair.


The Fudo-myoo body is commonly pictured as engulfed in flames and he is typically seated on a large rock. It is believed that the rock also bears some symbolism as it is a testament to the immutable nature of this deity. You may also find a Fudo-Myoo depiction with a flaming sword and a lariat (some kind of rope) in either hand. To complete the deity’s fiery appearance, he is usually surrounded by a dark cloud of flaming nimbus known in Buddhist culture as the Kakura flame.


However, while the Fudo Myoo may have such a scary look, the purpose of this diety isn’t anger. Instead, the threatening look is believed to help subdue evil and remove all obstacles to enlightenment. Getting a Fudo Myoo tattoo may be a great representation of your strength, unwavering principles, and strong solidarity of dependability. Ancient Japanese believers also thought the Fudo-myoo can bring monetary fortune. Hence you may choose to wear this tattoo for prosperity and good luck. There is also a link between the Fudo-Myoo and the zodiac year of the rooster.


Given the elaborate nature of the Fudo-Myoo depiction. This tattoo typically covers a large area of the body. Hence, it is most commonly drawn as inkwork on the back or front. Going for a larger placement like this will allow the artist to detail all the prominent features that make the Fudo-Myoo so stunning.


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Fudo – Image credit Pinterest

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