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Oni Japanese Tattoo

More than just intricate inkwork done on the body, many tattoos are symbols with deep historical beliefs and myths linked to their meaning and significance. One of such tattoos whose meaning is deeply entrenched in ancient Japanese culture is the Oni tattoo.


The Oni mask tattoo is a depiction of a classic Japanese demon with an iron club or spike in hand. it is depicted as a supernatural ogre or troll-like creature that often has one or two horns on both sides of its head. According to ancient mythology, the Oni is a large and lumbering character. It is also known for its violent nature and slow clumsy movement. It is usually drawn with red or blue ink but may also be given black or green skin.


The Oni creature is usually depicted as a villain in folklore. Because of its mysterious appearance and mean character, one must understand the Oni before you get a tattoo of one. Demonic creatures are known to be notoriously tricky and they won’t hesitate to mess with gullible humans.


But whether or not you believe in demons and things of that sort, it is still a good idea to err on the side of caution. Also, the Oni masks have their roots in Hindu-Buddhist beliefs. This religious significance is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t just flippantly get an Oni tattoo without first understanding its meaning and significance.


In modern times, the Oni tattoo represents the ability of the devil to punish any evil act. Although the Oni its commonly associated with evil, they are also believed to be symbols of protection and may have a positive significance for protection and bringing goodwill and help to people.


You may choose to get an Oni tattoo as a way to ward off evil or protect yourself from unseen forces. It could also be meant to confront your fears or your dark side.


Asides from its deep significance and religious connection, the Oni mask is also very fashionable and can be drawn in different attractive colors. An Oni tattoo looks beautiful especially when it is done properly.  You can have the Oni mask tattooed on your back, upper and lower arms, shoulder, calves, or the back of your neck.


Considering the deep religious and cultural significance of this tattoo, you should carefully consider why you are getting it and what you intend to gain from getting one. Also, the Oni tattoo is an intricate tattoo with an elaborate design. It is sure to take up a lot of space on your body which makes it quite a significant investment. Be sure you are sure of it before going for something so visible on your body.


More importantly, it is much more helpful, if this tattoo is drawn by the best Japanese tattoo artists in Perth with the knowledge and skill to draw the Oni Mask and all its intricate details to perfection. Proper placement and styling of the mask tattoo are also crucial to executing a perfect design which is why you will be better served the best tattoo shop. If you are anywhere in the Western Australia area, you can drop by at our tattoo parlor in Perth and have the best tattoo artists give you advice about the Oni tattoo before your final decision.

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