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The Significance of Samurai Tattoos

Samurai tattoos are immensely popular across Japan amongst those who admire the culture. While it isn’t a mainstream tattoo like the tiger or phoenix, in Australia but it is still one of the more popular ones amongst people who have a thing of all things Japanese. The designs of these tattoos are often intricate, well detained and colorful. However, you can get a samurai tattoo in many different styles and sizes.

Samurai tattoos, for the most part, represent the attributes and traits of the Samurai. The tattoo itself is a symbol of strength, immense courage and fortitude, attributes that we all desire to have. Many samurai tattoos are available in different design styles like in the form of sleeve tattoos, with various supporting elements and symbols.

Live Everyday Like Your Last

One of the reasons why people in Australia get the Samurai tattoo is because it is a representation of living every day like it was your last. It is a tattoo that reminds you of just how fragile our life is, and it can all end in an instant. By living every day and moment as you last, you value your life and extract the best out of it. While these tattoos have been in Japan for years, they were mainly full sleeve, full body and full back tattoos.

Representation of a Rich History

The Samurai isn’t just a warrior, but it is a tradition, with values and mythology associated with it. Even today, the Samurai is the most decorated warrior. The term “samurai” comes from the Japanese word “saburau”, which means serve or to serve. Yet another meaning of the word is “to wait upon someone within the upper ranks of society.” So, it is evident that the Samurai like the Geisha has a lot more to it than what most people assume which is what makes their tattoos so significant.

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