September 2020

Interestingly the legend of Kintaro happens to be based on actual historical military history, which dates back to the 10th century. The legend is also linked to the koi, which is a Japanese carp, and they happen to be part of an annual celebration called Boys’ Day. Kintaro had enormous strength even as a child, […]

The tiger is one of the most revered animals across many European and Asian cultures. In Japan, the tiger is one of the few animals that are held in very high esteem. It is a symbol of strength, ferocity and courage. Often the tiger represents qualities that we want in ourselves or look for in […]

Flowers play a major role in traditional Japanese tattoos. Many times flowers like Sakura aka Cherry Blossoms are added as a symbol to already traditional tattoo designs like those of the Geisha, and Dragon etc. However, flowers can also be tattooed simply for how beautiful they look. Still, like all things, Japanese flowers like the […]

Samurai tattoos are immensely popular across Japan amongst those who admire the culture. While it isn’t a mainstream tattoo like the tiger or phoenix, in Australia but it is still one of the more popular ones amongst people who have a thing of all things Japanese. The designs of these tattoos are often intricate, well […]

Tebori tattooing is just one of the many traditional styles of Japanese tattoos. However, the process of a Tebori tattoo requires that the artist use a wooden bamboo stick that has a needle at the end, which delivers the ink on to the skin. Interestingly traditional Tebori tattoo artists are mainly centred in and around […]

In the majority of Japanese culture, the Koi fish is a representation of a spiritual and material balance or abundance. Since these are fish, they are at ease in the water, ideally, deep waters. In the world of body art like tattooing, the Koi fish has a deep connection. People who are considering getting a […]

Right up until the Edo period, which is between 1600-1868, the purpose of a tattoo was symbolism and as a mark, and not really for imagery purposes. However, it was during the Edo period of Japan that tattooing became a decorative trend, and that’s when it started to take off and advance to the point […]

Hannya tattoos are one of the most popular amongst people seeking a Japanese themed tattoo. The tattoo usually bears a similarity to the western depiction of the devil, with somber eyes, a wide mouth and horns. However, unknown to many people the Hannya is a mask, and it is veiled behind what many believe to […]

The Geisha tattoo is perhaps one of the more unique tattoos you can get, especially because it is often misunderstood as being a woman of the night. However, the Geisha is a lot more than just a prostitute. The Gisha symbolizes beauty, seduction and attraction. In Japan and as part of traditional Japanese tattooing practices, […]

In Western culture, the dragon symbolizes ferocity, wealth and strength. Dragons are often seen as a force for destruction and may at times be considered as guardians to either vast knowledge or treasure. In Japanese culture, dragons also called Ryu are seen very differently. In Japanese traditional tattoo art, dragons are benevolent creatures, who